Why do I Need a Newsletter?

Because it’s what all the cool kids are doing.

Seriously. It is.

Go look in your inbox right now. I bet you get a ton of emails from websites that you signed up for–your favorite pizza place, online retailers, and hobby sites that you signed up to get, because you want to know the scoop, like when there’s a sale or when new products arrive.

Readers are no different.

They love your books!

They want to know when your next book is coming out. They want to get the scoop from you, sent to their inbox, just like you want to know the latest sale from your favorite site.

Yes. They really do.

I know what you’re thinking. It feels weird to believe that people want to know this stuff. I was hesitant to do this myself when I first set mine up.

But they do.

I promise.

Have I convinced you yet?


Well, how about this?

Newsletters not only get a list of people WHO LIKE YOUR BOOKS together in one place, the newsletter tells readers stuff before the general public.

And who doesn’t like being the first to know something?

Think book cover releases. Think exclusive excerpts.

Heck, even free books can be given for signing up for a newsletter. (Anna Lowe has a great post about managing giveaways for newsletter subscribers here at RAMN).

There are all sorts of ways to use your newsletter. Setting one up is free on several platforms.

And who doesn’t like free, right?

For setting up a newsletter for free

Mail Chimp — Free-$$$ For free, this has a lot of nice, neat newsletter options, including plenty of checks to make sure you didn’t miss anything. As your list grows, and your needs grow, it has higher end options available as well. A favorite among authors I polled.

Mailer Lite — Free-$$$ Another favorite of the authors I spoke to. Similar to Mail Chimp, but pricing is a little different–it begins charging as your subscriber list grows beyond 1,000 subscribers.

MadMimi — Free-$$$ The free version is for 100 email subscribers, but after that, the pricing is very reasonable, basic plan is $10 a month.

Some other options that do have a monthly fee attached to them, but they also have free trials to explore their services.

Get Response — $$$ With options starting as low as $15 a month, it has a lot of nice features, and no obligations or contracts to use the service.

AWeber — $$ Lots of integrations and, like others as your subscriber list grows, your plan increases in price.

Constant Contact — $$$ Also a lot of integration, but they also have the option to get custom made designs for your newsletter, and even have the option to have someone else do it for you.

However you choose to start a newsletter, a few things to consider:

  1. Integration — can you put a sign up on your Facebook page? Or put a pop up on your WordPress website? Make sure what you use is easy to bring into your other social media sites so your fans can find your newsletter signup easily.
  2. How often are you releasing books and having book sales or giveaways? If you’re releasing a lot of books or wanting a lot of contact with your readers, you need to make sure the newsletter doesn’t have limits on how many you can send over any month.
  3. Rapid list growth. If your list blows up one month, and you suddenly have 3x the subscribers, is that going to penalize you? Or put you automatically in another price bracket? Some of the services listed price according to list size, be aware of that.
  4. And just in general, is it something that works for you? Can you import your style and brand into the design? Is it easy for you to set up and navigate?

But truly, if you have any desire to grow your writing business, a newsletter is an essential part of that growth.

And remember, they are asking for it. You’re not bugging them.


Do it.

Sell your books to your fans.

Candice Gilmer

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