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By now, most authors know that multi-author boxed sets of ebooks can be a great way to cross promote and reach new readers. While there still can be a lot of power in a bundle, if done right (in fact, there’s a great article right here about how to do that), the power of the mighty boxed set is beginning to wane.

Luckily, authors (especially indies) have all kinds of other great opportunities to collaborate! Here’s a look at a few creative projects that have come out recently.


Authors are banding together to write closely-connected stories within the same world. From projects like the Woodland Creek series, where thirty authors coordinated to write paranormal shifter stories set around the same town, all tightly branded and releasing on the same day, to the ambitious 50-title historical western romance project American Mail Order Brides, authors are using the strength of their numbers to make a marketing splash.


Several bestselling romance authors are collaborating to release sexy novellas under the 1001 Dark Nights brand, with great success. And a number of SF and Fantasy authors have put together short story anthologies based around themes or featuring women writers, like the fabulous collection The Dark Beyond the Stars.


Although the above ventures are ambitious, you don’t have to put together a huge project to be successful. Find one or two other authors writing in your subgenre who have a similar career track and goals, and see if you can come up with some interesting ideas. Bestselling western romance writers Deborah Holland and Carolyn Fyffe share the Mail Order Brides of the West series, taking turns releasing books in that sub-series which are tied to their own, individual series. Authors Grace Draven and Elizabeth Hunter have released themed collaborations where they each contribute a novella, and cross-promote to their readers. Beneath a Waning Moon is their most recent duo release.


Many authors have found that gathering a group of similar authors to share promotions can greatly increase their reach. Whether it’s doing a book giveaway for the holidays or putting together a Facebook reader event, collaborating with others increases the fun, and the potential success, of your project.


The best way to make things happen is to connect with similar authors (the more similar the better in terms of genre and where you are in your careers) and start building connections. Form up or find groups on your social media networks, and start putting ideas out there. Be proactive, fearless, and creative. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of ways to use our power as authors to collaborate and innovate. The next big thing is out there – maybe just waiting for you to invent it!

Anthea Sharp Lawson

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